PATIENTcE is a consulting company that helps those with chronic disease navigate the healthcare system and obtain comprehensive knowledge on their disease(s) through evidence based literature and population data.

We can help you you if you are just looking for prevention strategies for certain illnesses because of high risk running in your family, wanting to decrease the number of medications you are on, or you have been diagnosed with a life threatening chronic illness. We believe in taking a deep breath, obtaining some knowledge and patience. Decisions made out of fear are less likely to bring optimal results.

Your genes do not have to influence your outcomes. We are a company that believes that everyone deserves the chance to make the best choices for their lives and for the lives of their loved ones. 


About the Founder and CEO:

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry (what was the pre-med program at Dominican University) and have been trained as a researcher. I also obtained my master’s in business administration (MBA) related to management. I have tons of experience with research and it is my passion as it constantly challenges me to be open minded, to be willing to be at the beginning of discoveries and to compile evidence to support the discoveries and new or better ways of approaching problems.

I did clinical research for 10 years which exposed me to different types of clinical trials including investigator initiated National Institute of Health (NIH) trials and pharmaceutical sponsored research. This gave me a total understanding on how medication is tested for safety and efficacy including but not limited to; the structure of the clinical trials, different phases of the trials and the money and time needed to conduct the trials. These are the trails that are often published in literature.

I went on to do research for a company that writes standards for healthcare organizations including, but not limited to; hospitals, behavioral health organizations, nursing care centers, and home health organizations. This work has allowed me to be at the front of exploring best practices for healthcare organizations to deliver services that promote quality and safety.

My mother has had ovarian cancer diagnosed four times and has undergone conventional ovarian cancer treatment three times in six years. The first two times, she had surgery and chemotherapy.  The third time, she had another surgery to remove tumors after about a year of being in remission. She was in remission for about a year and a half after making an effort to change her lifestyle instead of having chemotherapy. This is major considering what the 5-year survival rate for late stage ovarian cancer is. Her cancer recently returned and mama and I are currently talking to her physician about how to move forward.

The experience of the diagnosis and treatment the first time was full of fear and sadness for both my mom and I. We just wanted to close our eyes and burry our heads. I even forgot that I was a researcher and that I could help my mom. This time, there is little fear as we are armed with knowledge and can make sound choices based on the information we have from the literature, other people’s compiled success stories and population data. Not only that, we have been able to have meaningful conversations with my mother’s physicians which have opened different avenues of treatment this time and the previous time.

Helping my mother and other people after hearing their stories of cancer and other chronic diseases helped me find my calling. It brings me great pleasure to help people compile evidence-based information and make sense of it so that they too can have this sense of peace while navigating their healthcare journeys. My experience and skills were put together to help other people as one of two things are happening.

1. People do not have access to complete information or,

2. People have too much information which is overwhelming and it can be hard to figure out which information is correct and which information is not correct.




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The site is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Please remember to consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options.

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